The Stable Cabal

  1. A group of people working in loose collaboration to enable the incredible art generating AI called Stable Diffusion.
  2. A set of tools that communicate with a standardised API to allow total freedom to create and explore.

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Gyre - The Server

There's too much to do to reinvent the wheel. All the tools from the Stable Cabal use a common API to connect to a server.

The recommended server is Gyre. Gyre is fully featured, open source, and can be run on any CUDA-capable machine (locally or on your cloud server), or in Colab. It's also easy to get running, since it has a one-click easy install script for Windows or Linux, and a Docker image for use with or other servers.

Because we use a common API, the clients will work with other servers that also implement that API. But if you're not sure which server to choose, Gyre is our recommended default.

The Clients


A web UI focused on making generating AI art accessible and easy, while still unlocking all the power Stable Diffusion makes available. You can access it on the web to connect to an existing server, or download it as part of a locally run AIO that combines with the GRPCserver in a single easy to install package. The source code is also downloadable.


A set of tools including a Discord bot and CLI client focused on exploring the boundaries of Stable Diffusion's capabilities. The discord bot provides an experience familiar to users of Midjourney, and the CLI allows creating matrices that explore the effects of various parameters

Flying Dog Photoshop and Krita plugins

An open source plugin for Krita and a commercial plugin for Photoshop that integrates the Stable Diffusion experience into artist's existing workingflows.

Community Projects


A web frontend for stable-diffusion-grpcserver written in TypeScript

Brought to you by an amazing community member, Diffubik

Colab server

A Colab of sd-grpc-server, for running the server on Google Colab for free if you don't have a local GPU you can use (or you just don't want the hassle of installing it)

Brought to you by an amazing community member, drake🦆🦆🦆

Alternate Servers

Because a common, open protocol is used, users can try out alternative implementations of servers to try new out new features or changes that for one reason or another have not yet made it into the main server.

Stability.AI API

Although not part of the Stable Cabal, the Stable Cabal API is an extension to the official API, and many Stable Cabal clients will work (with some limitations due to missing features) with their server.